Why Lepto Slate?

Lepto Slate is an appealing ultra-thin flexible veneer peeled from the topmost layer of a natural stone. Even with it’s flexibility properties, it is still durable and can last for many years. Each piece of Lepto Slate is unique by itself as it possess alluring gradient colors.

Lepto Slate opens up a whole new possibility to apply almost anywhere you could think of. For eg: bathrooms, furniture, door coverings, ceilings and kitchens.


Our slates are flexible and lightweight to be transported and apply. Its as thin as your current smart phones, measuring at just 3 mm thick. All our slates come in two sizes at 2x4 and 4x8 feet making it possible for various application.

It is also easy to be cut and reshape using normal cutting equipments. Our slates are weather proof as well, making it suitable for outdoor applications.


We have a wide range of designs and textures to choose from. Here at Design NT, we had personally hand pick different types of stone slabs to suit our customers’ preferences. This also helps our customers to find the right and perfect look for their homes and offices.

Currently, we have a total of 18 different colours and textures. More slates will be added to our range in the future as there are more stone slabs to be discovered.


Service has always been one of our top most priority, ensuring customers are comfortable and satisfied with our delicate products. We are proud to give our 100% effort to make sure all queries are satisfactorily answered. We are also open to your ideas and feedbacks for us to improve on our products to serve you better.


We have engaged a strong and efficient network to accommodate our products around the world. With our well-organized logistics, rest assured that the products will arrive safely on your doorstep in no time.

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