Lepto Slate

Lepto Slate is an appealing ultra-thin flexible veneer peeled from the topmost layer of a natural stone. Even with it’s flexibility properties, it is still durable and can last for many years. Each piece of Lepto Slate is unique by itself as it possess alluring gradient colors.

Material Composition

Lepto Slate opens up a whole new possibility to apply almost anywhere you could think of. For eg: bathrooms, furniture, door coverings, ceilings and kitchens.

Our Product Range

We have a wide range of designs and textures to choose from.

Installation Method

Our slates are frills free to install and mantain.


Before application, ensure that the surface is free from dust and oil by brushing and degreasing.

Depending on the adhesive used, it may be essential to prep the back of the LEPTO SLATE by scuffing and sanding so to expose the fiberglass. This step may require the use of solvents or recommended primer.


The layout and preparation of the LEPTO SLATE veneer sheets work the same as for natural tile stones.

It is highly recommended to allow preparation for each LEPTO SLATE sheets to be exactly dry fit to where it would be placed on all surfaces. Tracking and numbering the sheets on it’s preferred location would spare you time.


LEPTO SLATE can be sealed using similar sealers that are used for Slate, stone tiles, and wood.Pre-sealing the Lepto Slate veneer sheets prior Installation will protect the sheet from adhesives and grout.

Safety & precaution

Precautions must be taken care of when working on a piece of LEPTO SLATE. Always use the proper type of gloves, goggles and dust mask when cutting through LEPTO SLATE. Be sure to take extra care to protect the skin, eyes and lungs from fiberglass dust when handling a saw. Avoid breathing in silica dust as this may cause cancer or delayed lung injury (Silicosis) if inhaled. Work outdoor, preferably in an open ventilated space, or use mechanical ventilation.Industry standards recommend a NIOSH/MSHA approved respirator for this type of material. This product contains one or more chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer. See material Safety Data Sheet for detailed information.


If the application is outdoors, consideration to thermal expansion should be taken into account. Since LEPTO SLATE is only a veneer it must expand and contract the same as the substrate or delamination may occur.

Recommended adhesives:

  • Rovski
  • Xtraseal
  • V­tech