Exquisite Slate slabs
    The immaculate ultra-flexible stone
    of Slate Venneers
    Made from original slate slabs


With it’s amazing flexibility and lightweight properties, it opens up a whole new possibility to create beautiful designs with this veneer slate.


Service has always been one of our top most priority, ensuring customers are comfortable and satisfied with our delicate products.


We have engaged a strong and efficient network to accommodate our products around the world.


We have a wide range of designs and textures to choose from.

About Us

Design NT was formed when we discovered about this highly sort after stone veneer. This special product can be peeled off effortlessly from the slate tiles ; yet retaining it’s beauty which can be crafted and applied onto any preferred surface. The concept of Design NT is to approach customers with an exquisite natural stone product, providing an eye opening experience on this beautiful yet eco friendly stone veneer.

Our company prioritize each and every customer regardless of the location and amount of order. We are always open to suggestions and feedback from our valued customers so that we could improve and enhance our quality of service to the next level.

Our Product Range

Lepto Slate - Lepto Slate is an appealing ultra-thin flexible veneer peeled from the topmost layer of a natural stone. Even with it’s flexibility properties, it is still durable and can last for many decades. Each piece of Lepto Slate is unique by itself as it possess alluring gradient colors.

Lepto Slate opens up a whole new possibility to apply almost anywhere you could think of. For eg: bathrooms, furniture, door coverings, ceilings and kitchens.